Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bella Box February 2012

The Valentine's Day box from Bella Box! Unfortunately this month was not my favourite box out of all the monthly boxes mainly due to the fact that there was simply so many amazing offerings out there.

The highlight of this month's box was the Bloom Eyeshadow, my shade is in London Bridge. I have never really tried Bloom before so I look forward to testing this little guy out. The great thing about this eyeshadow is that it is "stackable", so you can collect different shades and keep them all together.

The Sass N Savy hand cream included in the box was a tiny sample and it was definitely not a product I would repurchase as it felt very lightweight and greasy. The fact that I also got this sample in another Beauty Box was a little disappointing.

The Emergin-C face mask was another tiny sample but in this case I was happy about it. The mask did improve my complexion although when I applied the mask I felt a tingling sensation and when i took it off my face it stung alot and my face was red for an hour. I'm sure this product would be better suited for people who don't have skin as sensitive as mine.

The body soothe we received from Sanctum was a nice sized sample, but I was not thrilled to get this in my box because I recently stayed at a hotel in the Daintree and Sanctum products were part of the amenities. The reason I am not a fan of this product is purely the smell - I hate chamomile. A great product for those who do enjoy the scent of Chamomile as it sinks into the skin nicely.

There were also two chocolate hearts in the box (not pictured) and a soap rose which were lovely little Valentine's additions. This was not the best box from Bella Box but I am looking forward to next month!

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